We help law firms to conquer the Great World by means of best Law Blogs on Earth

What we do

We create and support perfect legal blogs with real joy

Law Blogs

We build from scratch an effective legal blogs based on the analysis of the experiences and needs of the office as well as the needs of its customers.

Blog Support

We support our Law Blogs by regularly reviewing their systems, backing up and changing their image if needed.

Law Blog Author Support

We support the authors of our blogs by training and ongoing consultation, and promoting their blogs in the media that we create or we work with.


We train in the legal industry for effective legal e-marketing since 2009. We organize annual meetings and training for Group web.lex.

Content Marketing

We create and support legal media to promote Legal Blogs that we build for our clients.

web.lex Group

web.lex Group is all the bloggers who we continually support. They are lawyers, legal advisers, patent attorneys and tax advisors. Their offices are located throughout the Europe.

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How we are praised

Monika Markisz
Collaboration with the WEB.LEX is a real pleasure. Legal blogging with such content, while effectively support does not cause any difficulties. Professionalism of Raphael and his team makes that I can recommend this firm to any solicitor or lawyer who wants to effectively grow your law firm on the Internet.
Monika Markisz
Legal Counsel, Tax Advisor
Daniel Anweiler
Cooperation with Mr. Rafal and his team is a real pleasure. They create blogs that are the mastery of the universe and they support my work at the speed of light. Substantial help is on the highest level. Well, the first customer of the blog I had after 4 days. That says it all about the cooperation with web.lex. I would recommend!
Daniel Anweiler
Aneta Sieradzka
Given the existing cooperation with web.lex I judge it is perfect for professionalism and has an individual approach to the customer. At the same time the characteristic of this team is full of energy and optimism, which effectively forge its customers. Their openness and commitment make me happy to cooperate with them!
Aneta Sieradzka
Adam Szurpicki
Services provided by Rafal Chmielewski and his team are like a tailored suit. For personal approach, a predetermined path of development of your blog and the constant support are the characteristics of WEB.LEX. Partner recommendable!
Adam Szurpicki
Legal Counsel
Łukasz Chmielniak
For me as a lawyer, and at the same time the demanding entrepreneur, the most important is the quality of services provided and the speed of response to customer issues. That's all I gained by working with Rafal and his team! I am very happy with what we have achieved together, as evidenced by the second blog, which we have in our office now. Collaboration with web.lex should be recommend for any lawyer who is aware of the changing the world and the legal services market.
Łukasz Chmielniak
Grzegorz Mania
One e-mail. It was enough for me to decide to cooperate with Mr. Rafal Chmielewski and his team. A great deal of warmth and optimism, and above all the joy of the work performed and instant help makes running a Law Blog under the supervision of Mr. Rafal is a pure pleasure!
Grzegorz Mania

What we did

Efficient Law Blog means an effective business blog. See some of them.

Why Law Blog?

Why do you need an efficient Law Blog in your law firm?

There are one hundred and one reasons why the law firm should have its own, chancellery, good and effective legal blog. The most important things are:

  • It is a good proof of your knowledge and experience. An intellectual Law Office resource.

  • It is perfectly and independently positioned by itself. In this way, you come to thousands of people.

  • Paradoxically it takes minimum time and is very inexpensive marketing and business tool.

  • Its impact has no time limits, and territorial.

  • It is the best and timeless investment in the future of the Law Firm.

Please, look ...

What we are really proud of
Blogs we have made
Law Firms that we support
Lawyers that we collaborate with
Towns that we are in

Why web.lex?

  • Certainly not because it is not in this part of the great world as experienced advisors in creating and supporting legal blogs, as web.lex.

  • Not because we have the legal knowledge, which facilitates and significantly accelerates the creation of the most effective e-marketing strategies.

  • Nor because we have an outstanding and unique service.

  • But because we EFFICIENTLY change the legal ins and outs of the industry. Because we actually change the world! Because we really love what we do 🙂


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